Car Parking

Parishioners are asked to park within the marked spaces in both car parks.  Occasionally cars are parked across two bays thereby reducing the number of available spaces.  Please "park prettily".

The Tallis Scholars were most enjoyable...

...Well done to the organisers of the International Festival of Music.

Thank you for the positive feedback.  The Fesitval was a huge success.  We look forward to the next one.

Is it possible for coffee to be served in the Apostle Room after 11.15am Sunday Mass?

As Mass usually finishes around 12.45pm it is felt that this is too close to lunchtime.  Coffee will continue to be served after the 9.30am Mass only.

Foodbanks wheelie bins...

...could these be put in the Narthex every weekend please as some people who would like to donate might be away on the monthly Sunday. 

We will continue with our monthly collection scheme for the time being.  If you wish to donate food at other times please see the Foodbanks website for details of local drop-off points.

Noise in the Cathedral

At times there is a lot of noise in the cathedral at the end of the 09.30 Mass on Sundays.  Could people be asked to make their way to the Apostle Room if they wish to talk and the children want to let off steam?

Parishioners are periodically reminded that coffee is served in the Apostle Room at the end of 09.30 Mass on Sundays.

Does Deacon Kevin Moloney only assist at the 09.30 Mass on Sundays?

Deacon Kevin usually assists at 09.30 "Family" Mass on Sundays but he has and will assist at other Masses if asked to do so.

The Roman Canon

Can the priest celebrating Solemn Mass (11.00 on Sundays) use the Roman Canon (Eucharistic Prayer 1) more often?

The celebrant chooses which Eucharistic Prayer (EP) to use at Mass.  There is no particular requirement to use EP 1 at a solemn Mass.  Fr Alan has since used EP1 on a number of occasions at 11.00 Mass.  Occasionally Fr Cavan usaes EP 1 at weekday (07.30) Masses.


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