Acoustics in the cathedral

Occasionally people comment on the difficulty in hearing the Celebrant and/or Readers at Mass, especially when the heating system is operating.  Clergy and Readers are asked if they could speak slowly and clearly.  The Pastoral Councillors will look into further training and updates for Readers.

Is Midnight Mass too long?

Traditionally at the cathedral Midnight Mass is preceded by a short (half hour) carol service, which makes the liturgy last about two hours.  It is not uncommon for a sung Mass to last this long.  Given the large number of people attending Midnight Mass it is inevitable that Mass will last about 90 minutes.

"Thank you" for Christmas

A number of parishioners approached Pastoral Councillors after Mass on January 4/5 to say "thank you" to the cathedral clergy, the choir, the music group, ministers and anyone else involved in making the Christmas celebrations a "wonderful experience".  Your feedback is always welcomed, so "thank you".

Parish Accounts and Finance

A financial report was not presented and discussed at the recent Parish Forum.  However this will be on the agenda for the Forum in 2014.  A statement of finance is available on the Pastoral Council notice board.

Safety of the steps leading from Clifton Park to the lower car park

The handrail is due to be replaced in the very near future so that it continues, without a gap, from the top of the steps to the bottom.

Use of the grass outside the Apostle Room as a play area during the summer

The area is currently not secured.  The Council may consider this as an option if parents are willing to act as monitors while children are playing.

Noise levels during Mass

We acknowledge the difficulties some parents have trying to keep their children focused during Mass.  Parents are asked not to use the Lady Chapel, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel or the Baptistry when children are being active during Mass as these areas of the cathedral amplify sound rather than reduce it.  The level of noise during a recent 6pm Sunday Mass was unusual.

The Tablet

Unlike other weekly Catholic newspapers The Tablet is by subscription only.  The Cathedral no longer has an 'institutional subscription'.  Parishoners are advised that The Tablet is available through private subscription either as a paper copy or an online version.  The online version provides limited access to non-subscribers.

Welcoming to the Cathedral

A number of parishoners and visitors commented on the warm welcome received when coming to Mass.

Repairs to paths and car parks

The Council acknowledges the need for repair of surfaces and repainting of parking bays.  This will be temporarily deferred until current maintenance work has been completed.