Disabled access to the Cathedral

A project is underway to seek bids for resurfacing the car parks, to include identified parking bays for disabled drivers and suitable ramps.  This may take some time to achieve but it is high on the agenda of the Fabric Committee.

Advertising in the weekly newsletter

A suggestion has been made that the Pastoral Council might consider inviting advertisments in the weekly newsletter to attract much needed funding.  The Council will refer this to the Cathedral Development Committee for consideration.

People's responses during Mass

Parishioners and visitors are reminded that Mass cards are available at the main doors of the church for use during the celebration of Mass.  Please join in loudly as we celebrate the Eucharist together with our priests and deacon, and remember to return the cards at the end of Mass - thank you.

Quiet in and around the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is reserved for quiet prayer and contemplation.  Parishioners and visitors are requested not to congregate outside the chapel after Mass but to respect those who wish to spend quiet time there before the Blessed Sacrament.  This is particularly important when the Traidcraft Stall is open or other activities are taking place in the Narthex.

The New Newsletter

Thank you to those who have complimented the 'team' on the new layout of the Cathedral Newsletter.  The Cathedral Pastoral Council (CPC) is aware that the change of format has not met with everyone's approval, but that is to be expected, given the large number of people who attend Mass each week.

Five comments were posted into the CPC box, asking either for the watermark to be removed or the print made larger, or both.

Parishioners at Pastoral Council Meetings

A parishioner asked, "Are parishioners invited to Parish Council meetings in the same way that citizens are invited to City Council meetings, even to speak?"

The Council is a "Pastoral Council" not a "Parish Council".  Pastoral Councils are consultative bodies, set up in parishes, to advise and support the Parish Priest with pastoral issues.

Adminsitrative issues within the parish are dealt with by Committees, such as the Fabric Committee and the Finance Committee, which are separate to the Pastoral Council.


A comment was received, which reads: "The Church must work totally to eliminate all Foodbanks.  There should be no need for these in a country of at least plenty.  We must eliminate the source for this need.  Foodbanks are necessary now but we must not let this go on.  Foodbanks are a result of others' greed within our life / world today.  Thank you."

Where's the defibrillator?

Money was raised through sponsorship and the purchase of a portable defibrillator is underway.  However, a decision has to be made about where to site the 'defib' and who should be trained to use it.  It is likely to be available only when Mass and other public liturgies are being celebrated.

When should children stop going to CLOW?

The usual practice is for children to stop attrending the Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) after they have made their First Communion.

Twenties 'n' Thirties Group

A request was recieved from the TnT group for a Councillor to join them when they meet after the 6pm Sunday Mass.  This was agreed and a reciprocal invitation will be extended to the TnT group for one of them to join or be co-opted onto the Pastoral Council.