Thank you to those who have complimented the 'team' on the new layout of the Cathedral Newsletter.  The Cathedral Pastoral Council (CPC) is aware that the change of format has not met with everyone's approval, but that is to be expected, given the large number of people who attend Mass each week.

Five comments were posted into the CPC box, asking either for the watermark to be removed or the print made larger, or both.

The watermark was removed from the paper copy on 11 May and has now been removed from the copy on this website (under 'news').  The size of print for news items is slightly larger than that used for the old style newsletter, and when accessing the newsletter from a computer it is possible to 'zoom in' to make the print appear larger on the screen.

The size of the newsletter has been increased from A3 to B4 to allow more items to be included each week and the colour of the paper has been chosen to identify the newsletter from other 'handouts' produced for distribution (the appearance of a white newsletter on 25 May is not indicative of a change).

Occasionally items submitted for inclusion in the newsletter cannot be accommodated, in which case the person submitting is informed.

All comments regarding the newsletter have been considered by the CPC and constructive criticism is welcomed.