TnT: Twenties 'n' Thirties

Our group continues to meet regularly and grow strong with members. It is both a social group and an opportunity to share and grow in Catholic faith. Our regular gathering at the Channings Bar, after the 6pm Sunday Mass, enables the friendships that have been formed to grow, whilst we are always keen to welcome new members in joining our friendly group. Some examples of activities we enjoy together are: Hot Topics - a DVD/discussion about matters of Catholic Social Teaching (see below); retreats; visits to places of interest; the theatre; and cinema. TNT's are often called on to help out at parish events, both major and small-scale, with our energy and varied skill base being much appreciated in the business of parish life. If you would like to join our group or just come along one evening to meet the members please contact

Hot Topics

Blessed Cardinal Newman said he’d like to see an "intelligent, well-instructed laity", one "who know just where they stand, who know what they hold, and what they do not, who know their creed so well, that they can give an account of it". With this in mind, Hot Topics grew from Clifton’s Twenties and Thirties group, and takes a look a wide variety of topics, from catechesis and prayer with scripture to current media issues and topics which challenge us. The agenda is set by the people who attend and it is supported by Cifton diocese with guidance from local priests. Any suggestions for future topics are welcomed - and they often result in lively discussion, everybody learns something! We meet at 7.30pm at St Joseph’s retirement home on Cotham Hill (66 Cotham Hill) on most Wednesdays (check the schedule). New or occasional people are always welcome to join. For more information please email

The Hot Topics schedule for the next few weeks is as follows: 16th September – Freedom of Conscience over Marriage; 23rd September – Theology of Miscarriages; 30th September – Prayer with Scripture; 7th October – Laudato Si, Part One; 14th October – Laudato Si, Part Two; 21st October – The Rosary’s Origins and Meaning; 28th October – Rosary and Social (Cotham); 4th November – Synod of the Family; 11th November – Praying for the Departed.