Returning Palms for Ash Wednesday

The Council considered the proposal that palms from the previous year could be returned to the Cathedral for burning and the ashes used on Ash Wednesday.  Next year, before the beginning of Lent, parishioners will be invited to return palms for proper disposal.

Holy Water by the West Door

The wooden holy water stoop has recently had a facelift.  Vernon (the caretaker) has sanded it and revarnished it.  There is also a new glass dish.  The holy water stoops were originally intended to be only around the baptistry as a reminder of our baptism.  No permanent structures can be added to the Cathedral without the approval of English Heritage, hence the portable 'stoop' by the West Door.

Child friendly church

Are we a child friendly community?  One parishioner feels that we are not as a complaint was made about a child being disruptive during Mass.  The Councillors, particularly those who have experience of bringing children to church, appreciate how difficult it can be to keep children 'under control' in a sacred space.  We do not wish to discourage any parent/carer from bringing their children to church.

Fundraising suggestions

Thank you for all and any ideas for raising money for the parish projects and the Repair Our Roof appeal.  If you have any ideas please contact Mary Manners -

Bannister rail for the sanctuary steps

It has been suggested that a bannister rail might be fixed to the wall on the left of the sanctuary steps to enable Readers and other Ministers to safely reach the lectern.  Any adaptations/additions to the Cathedral must be approved by English Heritage as the Cathedral is a grade 2* listed building.  If anyone entering the sanctuary needs assistance either the MC or one of the Servers will assit.

Music during Mass on Sundays

The Pastoral Council was asked to consider including more "traditional hymns" during the 09:30 Mass on Sundays and less "alternative music".  Councillors are occasionally approached about the choice of music during the 11:00 Mass as well.  If you have strong feelings about the choice of music during Mass please contact Richard Jeffrey-Grey, John Gibbons or Martin le Poidevin.  Thank you.

Mobile Phones

Parishioners and visitors to the Cathedral are requested to make sure that mobile telephones are switched off or switched to 'silent' during Mass and other services.  Thank you.

Disabled access to the Cathedral

A project is underway to seek bids for resurfacing the car parks, to include identified parking bays for disabled drivers and suitable ramps.  This may take some time to achieve but it is high on the agenda of the Fabric Committee.

Advertising in the weekly newsletter

A suggestion has been made that the Pastoral Council might consider inviting advertisments in the weekly newsletter to attract much needed funding.  The Council will refer this to the Cathedral Development Committee for consideration.

People's responses during Mass

Parishioners and visitors are reminded that Mass cards are available at the main doors of the church for use during the celebration of Mass.  Please join in loudly as we celebrate the Eucharist together with our priests and deacon, and remember to return the cards at the end of Mass - thank you.