Scaffolding around the Stations

Concern has been raised about the scaffolding around the Stations of the Cross as it obscures the images and might possibly damage them.  The contractors take great care to make sure no damage occurs but covering the Stations is unavoidable.  The scaffolding at the back of the Cathedral will not be there for much longer.

Fundraising ideas

A number of suggestions have been received for fundraising ideas, e.g. small stained glass items for hanging in a window, Bristol Blue Glass paperweights, greetings cards, etc.  All ideas are considered by the Development Committee so please contact Cath McCarthy on 0117 973 8411 if you have any good ideas.

Soundproofing the Cathedral

We periodically receive suggestions to provide some sort of sound proofed area in the Cathedral, which could be used by parents with children and also for social events.  The Cathedral is a grade II* listed building and as such cannot undergo any structural changes without permission of English Heritage as well as the Diocesan Liturgical Commission.  However, the longterm plan for development of the Cathedral space does include an area for meetings and other social activities.

Unwanted jewellery

A suggestion has been made that any unwanted jewellery could be valued and sold to raise money towards the roof appeal.  If anyone has any precious metal, precious/semi-precious gems jewellery that could be donated please contact the Cathedral Administrator (Mary Manners) or the Chair of the Development Committee (Cath McCarthy) on 0117 973 8411

Youth Club for Yr 6 and upwards

It is intended to provide youth facilities for children of the parish from Yr 6 upwards (11+ yr olds).  Plans are currently underway to provide for the older children and teenagers of the parish but the need for Safeguarding checks is holding up progress at the moment.

The choir and organists

Thanks to the choir and the organist for the beauty and quality of the music at the 11.15am Mass on Sundays.  One parishioner describes it as "excellent" and "much appreciated".

The Cathedral Sound System

We periodically receive comments about the quality of the sound system in the Cathedral.  When the Cathedral was designed 41 years ago it was considered acoustically 'good' and therefore no sound system was required.  That being said, the current system is showing signs of age and 'upgrading' is on the agenda of the longterm plan.  The current priority is the repairs to the roof.  Parishioners may find that the sound is better when sitting in different parts of the Cathedral. 

Handrail on the Sanctuary steps

Thank you to the parishioner who asked if a handrail could be placed in the sanctuary to assist people with reduced mobility who would like to be Readers at Mass.

This has been discussed by the Council on a number of occasions and passed to the Fabric Committee for consideration.  In the meantime the Master of Ceremonies or one of the Servers will lend a hand in helping people onto the sanctuary.

Singing the Lord's Prayer in Latin

The Pastoral Council often receives comments about the music at the 9.30am and 11.15am Sunday Masses. There are as many positive comments as there are negatives so a balance has to be struck to make sure that most of the people are happy most of the time. The Liturgy Group has been re-formed, chaired by Deacon Kevin. Please pass comments regarding any aspects of the Liturgy to Deacon Kevin or Richard Jeffrey-Grey. Thank you.

Jumble Sales to raise funds and online donation

The suggestion that the Cathedral periodically holds a Jumble Sale was considered by the Pastoral Council.  This has been passed to the Social Committee.

Unfortunately we are not permitted to use PayPal for online donations but parishioners will be able to submit donations via BTDonate.