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Sunday 26th March 2017
Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year A
1 Samuel 16: 1, 6-7, 10-13     Ephesians 5: 8-14     John 9: 1-41


Sight for Sore Eyes.

Three great gifts are on offer during Lent: water, light and life. It’s the second of these gifts, light, that we hear about today in the Gospel. It’s the account of Jesus’s miracle worked for the man born blind. And he brings light to the man’s eyes in more ways than one.

There’s none so blind as those who will not see – so the phrase goes. People who are physically blind have eyes that do not react to the light. Of course, there are people who not only cannot see, but also refuse to see. Some just refuse to open their eyes and see what’s staring them in the face. They don’t want to believe. They think that they can escape reality by ignoring it. Such people are found inside and outside the Church.

The gift that Jesus offered the blind man, and which he promises to us, is not just that we will see, but that we will have a new vision of reality. Life would never be the same again for the man born blind; Jesus helped him to see things clearly. To see with eyes of faith does not mean that everything looks rosy, but that we can see beyond the immediate, and can appreciate life in all its multi-coloured forms. It gives us a fresh set of priorities, different goals, and a new way of looking at things. We need no longer be afraid of the dark.

In the season of Lent we realise once again that we have be ‘enlightened’ by Christ, and that we have a creed – a set of values and beliefs – that allows us to see things differently. Our eyes react to the Light of the World.




Scripture Reflections (below) © Peter J Harrison 2017