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Sunday 21st May 2017
Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A
Acts 8: 5-8, 14-17     1 Peter 3: 15-18     John 14: 15-21


Person to Person Call.

It’s hard to imagine just how frightened the disciples must have been when Jesus said he was going to leave them and go back to his Father. The task he’d prepared them for was daunting and the thought of doing it alone would be overpowering. But he did not leave them like orphans. He said that he would send someone to stand at their side just like he himself had done for the past three years. He would send another Advocate, another Paraclete or Counsellor.

This Advocate is not just some general encouragement. It’s a person. It’s the Spirit who comes from the Father and from Jesus. It’s the presence of God in our world today. Through our Baptism we connect with the person of the Holy Spirit. In Confirmation we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When we celebrate the Eucharist we are renewed and filled with the presence of this person who is God.

The call of the Spirit is not vague. It’s from one person to another. When God called each of us it was to achieve something that only we can achieve; to do something that God had in mind for us when we were first created. I can go through life unaware of what exactly God demands of me. Or I can seek to discover and discern what the Spirit is asking of me. In every event the Paraclete will be there to guide and encourage, to fire me with enthusiasm or to console. We know him because he’s with us and in us!




Scripture Reflections (below) © Peter J Harrison 2017